Right Thomas William Roberts Jr.

Born:  July 25, 1861 Ireland?

Died:  April 5, 1940  Coosawhatchie, SC

Buried:  Gillisonville, SC

Father:  Right Thomas William Roberts Sr. (1816 - 1860?)

Mother:  Adeline M. Carter  (1823 - ?)

Brothers & Sisters: 

Married:  Julia Ann Lyons  (May 11, 1855 - July 6, 1909   Daughter of Issac & Isabelle Lyons)

Children:  Joseph Wiley Roberts Sr


    RTW was a wealthy man who owned several hundred acres of land and had dozens of people employed to work in the fields, many of which had been slaves. When a neighbor once told RTW that the workers were stealing from his fields, he replied that he knew it. He said he planted extra just so they would have something to steal.
    When his last wife died, RTW hired a "nurse" to care for him. When he finally died, the nurse and his attorney made off with much of his fortune.


Primary Occupation:  Farmer.  Owned and operated a Gristmill and Roberts General Store. Owned several hundred acres of farm land.

1906 - 07, 11, 24, 26 - Served as delegate to Savannah River Baptist Association, Gillisonville Church

1908 - 1926 - Served as Church Clerk, Gillisonville Baptist Church

1916 - Served as Deacon, Gillisonville Baptist Church
          * During the time that he served as deacon a dispute arose in the church and
            RTW padlocked the church until other folks saw things his way.

1921 - 1926 - Served as Church Treasurer, Gillisonville Baptist Church
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Right Thomas William Roberts Jr.

Right Thomas William Roberts Jr.

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